Craft cider made from the best Estonian apples. You need carefully selected ingredients to make Estonian ciders, plus a lot of dedication and a pinch of luck. Our aim is to make natural, chemical-free drinks that people truly enjoy. Our ciders have a clean, crisp taste and are made from traditional Estonian autumn apples that are chosen and matched with a discriminating eye and a nose for flavour. Try our apple cider with strawberries, in which the plumptuous red berries from Southern Estonia offset the tartness of the apples with their signature sweetness. MULL° rhubarb & strawberry pikero is a gorgeous, light alcoholic drink with a rosy rhubarb blush. Made by fermenting rhubarb juice, it’s 100% natural, organic and vegan. It’s sold in stunning champagne bottles, in which you’ll also find our semi-dry apple cider with blackcurrants – our homage to this flavourful berry, which has been called the Nordic grape.


Martin Aule, owner of  Burger Factory 

MULL° has won over locals and tourists alike

“We’ve been offering MULL° ciders at the Burger Factory since 2016, and they’ve never let us down. They’ve won over locals and tourists alike. Their semi-dry cider is a particular favourite, but the one with strawberries in it is unique, and Finns who come in really seem to like it. MULL° alcohol-free cider is the only one of its kind on the local market as well. Hats off to them!”

Edvin Pehk

MULL° cider is pure Nordic flavour

“I think I’ve tried all of the Mull° ciders now. I really like Voodoo, their semi-dry cider and their rhubarb pikero. I like the fact that the flavour of them all is so clean and pure, and so purely Nordic. The quality’s always uniformly high, so you know the cider will be good whenever you drink it. I’m planning on visiting their Tallinn factory, but until I do I’ll keep ordering from them online..

Martin Karolin, CEO of La Muu

MULL° craft cider packs a real punch

“MULL° has achieved a remarkable level of quality over the years. The best things in life need time for settling and testing. MULL° is unwavering, attractive, tasteful. I like it. All of my friends like it. Even if it’s alcohol-free, and even if it’s winter, whether you’re drinking it at home or enjoying it at someone else’s place, it packs a real punch!”


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