In order to make high quality drinks one needs carefully selected raw materials, lot of passion and element of luck. We manufacture Estonian craft cider, sparklings and other spirits. We are into vintage philosophy, therefore from every particular product of our's, you will find specific elements related to this year, harvest and climate.

MULL° dry apple cider


MULL° apple cider dry is vintage 2018 product. It is crisp, clear and nice drink which has alcohol content of 5,5%. One of a best products and bestsellers.


MULL° apple cider vintage 2018 is crisp, rich, slightly bitter and pleasantly fruity. Colour of a cider is beautiful yellow and cider itself is rather sour, like 2017 Estonian apples. In aroma you feel fresh apples. Cider is made from 100% well selected Estonian apples using method charmat.

* International Cider Challenge 2017 bronze medal winner


MULL° apple cider with Estonian strawberries 2017 has very deep yellowish/orange colour, in aroma you should feel sent of strawberries. We have managed to balance sour Estonian apples with sweet strawberries perfectly in this drink. Its not sour nor sweet, its just great. Prepared using method charmat. Cider is made from local apples and local strawberries.

MULL° apple cider ALCOHOL FREE

MULL° apple cider alcohol free is a crisp and nice and clear cider - just like all our ciders are. This particular cider comes with 0% alcohol. We love this cider. Pretty-much everyone actually adores this cider.


Dry, crisp and clear cider. A really very good cider. Made from pure estonian apples. No sugar.


Apple cider with blackcurrant is crafted to honor pure Estonian apples and blackcurrants, also known as grapes of the Nordic. This gentle drink surprises you with tender bubbles, a tint of purple and elegant blackcurrant aroma. A fantastic drinks which separates from all the other estonian ciders available.

Sparkling apple KASSARI BRUT 2016

Organic apples for this sparkling wine have been handpicked from 5th largest island of Estonia - Kassar. This very special sparkling wine has been matured in a bottle a year, waiting its final maturity and great taste. Prepared using traditional champagne method.

Sparkling apple SEC Elagu Eesti 2016.

Long live Estonian pure nature and fresh air! We dedicate this product to Estonia and to its fantastic apple trees, from what carefully selected fruits we have prepared this particular sparkling. Elagu Eesti has been matured in a bottle a year, waiting its final maturity and deep taste. Prepared using traditional champagne method.


Sparkling made from Estonian apples, Estonian strawberries and Estonian good rhubarb. This drink is so good that it almost lacks only alcohol into it 🙂


Sparkling made from Estonian apples, Estonian raspberries and Estonian blueberries. This drink is so good that it almost lacks only alcohol into it 🙂


Sparkling made from Estonian rhubarbs. This drink is well balanced semi-dry sparkling. One of our bestsellers of all times. Everyone actually loves this sparkling from Estonia to Norway, from Finland to China. Seriously.


Pikero made from rhubarb

MULL° pikero, light alcoholic beverage made from Estonian rhubarb juice. Pikero is like cider, just made from great rhubarbs. Its refreshing and summery drink, which we have prepared from handpicked local and organic rhubarbs. A very organic drink. Vegan friendly.


MULL° apple cider alcohol free is a crisp and nice and clear cider - just like all our ciders are. This particular cider comes with 0% alcohol. In order to use fully all nice things we have got in Estonia we have added 14% of pure rhubarb juice to this cider. This is our innovation product which will be soon a global star.


MULL° VOODOO 2016 DRY APPLE CIDER. Produced in limited quantity. Estonian dry apple cider barrel-aged in Jamaican rum barrels.

MULL° RABARBER sparkling wine

Made from good local rhubarb juice, this is crisp and well balanced semi-dry sparkling. Made using no artificial colourants or other additives. Perhaps most excellent drink MULL° has ever made 🙂 Make sure you get it, this is product which consists alcohol. Alcohol can be harmful for your health.

About us

Estonian apples and fruits are great source for tasty drinks. This has been proven by Martin who's experiments in his fathers home cellar have given courage to step into public and multiply quantities so that more people could enjoy our ciders and other sparklings. We are born and we live in Tallinn, Estonia - therefore we believe in order to make good cider and valorise Estonian fruits, one can live anywhere. Our objective is to manufacture high quality and tasty beverages - ciders, sparkling wines, other spirits. We believe people are strong enough to drink less (alcohol), but with more quality. We wish to stay close to our friends and fans. We manufacture our drinks in Tallinn, using modern technologies and we wish to share our joy of good drinks with you. There is not such thing as "traditional cider-making in Estonia", therefore we wish to be part of building it as well. We intend to experiment with different tastes and recipes, mix base juice with whatever we find relevant, we will listen feedback from our fans and we will present our favourites also to you.

Martin, our drinks architect and Chief in command with our factory. He started to make wine and cider in his fathers cellar back in 2010. First experiments proved to be catastrophic, but after studying all cider-making books available and testing testing, things started to move upwards quickly. Soon Martin started to visit summer events to sell his makings, so he faced to his surprise warm feedback regarding his ciders. As a drinks architect, Martin is committed to make tasty and high quality drinks. He’s approach is thorough and he prefers facts over opinions.

Lauri, head of  sales and marketing, has never prepared wine or cider. Lauri is in a team inspired from opportunities valorising Estonian fruits and turning them  into high quality drinks. His earlier career in large multinational companies in Estonia and outside has given plenty of experience, which he now intends to use in a benefit of something really great. To our team he brings unique leadership approach along with modern marketing- and sales practices. Lauri can be characterised as value driven team player, easily approachable and result driven.

 How we make our cider

Good ciders are made from real apple juice, therefore first and foremost step making cider is wisely selected apples. Best apples for making cider are fresh, uncultivated and just about perfectly ready for picking them up. These principles have also been applied when manufacturing MULL° drinks.

However balanced cider does does not mean one could use just every apple available. It is important to recognise relevant acids, sugars, tannins and flavours given to different apples by mother nature. During cider-making process sugar turns into alcohol, acidity serves for freshness, tannins give full-bodiness which we know particularly from red wine taste and flavours give peculiarity  to drinks. All these characteristics depend on apple varieties, area where apple-trees grow and methods and specifics apple-trees have been taking care. For example, in traditional cider-making  countries in UK and France READ MORE.