Did you know that top-shelf sparkling wines can be made using all-Estonian ingredients? No need to add chemicals or any of the other unnatural horrors you so often find being used in the beverage industry. In making our sparkling wines we use no artificial flavours or colourings, because the bounty that Estonian nature provides means we don’t need to. Our sparkling wines showcase the very best features of rhubarb, raspberries, apples and strawberries. It’s not for nothing that Estonian rhubarb is referred to as the queen of the garden. As you probably know, it’s the first to poke its head above the parapet in spring, is fearless in the face of night frost and is unabashed by its buxomness. That’s why the bubbly we make from fresh, mouth-watering rhubarb will rewrite your definitions of ‘delicious’ and ‘elegant’ forever. Long may we celebrate the splendour of Estonia’s untouched nature, its amazing apple orchards, its patches and bushes bursting with strawberries and raspberries and its endless fields of rhubarb!

Estonian sparkling wines.

Kerli Kõiv

The best rhubarb sparkling wine in Estonia

“MULL° rhubarb sparkling wine is hands-down the best this country has to offer. I’ve gotten together with different sommeliers to test Estonian sparkling wines, and as a rule MULL° RHUBARB comes out on top each time. Their new raspberry sparkling wine is great as well, but it’s not on sale everywhere yet.”

Karl Aukust

Estonian sparkling wine – give it a try!

“I discovered MULL° RHUBARB last summer. It’s really refreshing and bursting with flavour. You get the tart edge of the rhubarb, but then there’s the juicy sweetness of it as well. It’s the perfect drink to share with friends, but just make sure it’s chilled. Thanks, MULL° – I’m a convert!”

Raili Raik, Head of the Lymph Clinic

Estonia’s best sparkling wine

“I was given this beautiful bottle of rhubarb sparkling wine for Christmas. The person who gave it to me said I’d be surprised when I tried it, and I was – not only is it a pretty colour, but it tastes amazing, and it’s made from real Estonian rhubarb. It’s the perfect bottle of bubbly for special occasions.”

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